Our Story

I started my photography venture straight out of photography school in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I learned on large format and 35mm film, and had a trusty little Minolta that I still carry to this day, though you will find me shooting mostly digital now days. I'm a Nikon girl, and I shoot primes only. I love to get up close and personal, to catch that wind in your hair, or your hand in his. I'll make you do and say silly things to catch a smile, a laugh. I love raw and real emotion. I want to make you dig your soul out and bare it. I want your heart on your sleeve. These photos are you.

 I love being able to capture a little bit of your story, and allow you to savor the moments you have dreamed about all your life, like saying YES to your soulmate, walking down the aisle to become his bride, glowing with a pregnant belly, seeing that babe for the first time, and following your family as it blooms and grows.  These are the moments that make life an adventure, don't let them slip on by.  

I also offer in - person mentoring sessions for professional photographers only, just ask!

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